Nancy by Olivia Jaimes


The revitalized and updated Nancy comic strip, as done by Olivia Jaimes, is a revelation. It is well worth the time to explore. It's hyperbole-proof genius.

Vain and fussy, yet honest and true to herself, we all have a little bit of Nancy in us. Originally written and drawn by Ernie Bushmiller, Nancy debuted in the newspaper in 1933 as a character in “Fritzi Ritz”. And the comic strip has only been drawn by men up until 2018, where Olivia Jaimes became the latest and first female cartoonist in its history. And she has now given the spiky-haired a new voice to walk the world. 

And there you have it. A strip that has existed for most of the last century has been repurposed into an examination of anxiety, loneliness, and technology. It is as if someone said, "let's just throw all of the Humanities in there and see what comes out."

Charles Schulz looked at the way loneliness could be used to connect with people as a recurring theme. He populated Peanuts with a cast of characters who were forever at odds with one another, struggling to make sense of the way the world works. Jaimes has picked up the ball and has run it further. 

There's no stopping to see if Nancy and Sluggo are going to have a Charlie Brown and Lucy moment of import. The dialogue is too wry for that. This is how you move past all of that nonsense and live in the modern world. Why are we here and why do we do what it is we do? That's all you need to start with. Glorious fun.

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