Watercolor by Shibasaki


If this leads to a renaissance of watercolor painting, then I'm all for it:

A 73-year-old grandfather may seem like an unlikely social media sensation, but Japan's Harumichi Shibasaki is defying stereotypes. 

The painter's YouTube channel, Watercolor by Shibasaki, features a series of how-to art videos and has amassed more than 700,000 subscribers. His most popular video, a tree painting tutorial, has been watched more than five million times.

"When it comes to drawing a tree, people generally focus on the fact that there are many leaves. But I advise them to observe not individual leaves but the bigger silhouette of the tree," Shibasaki tells CNN.

Shibasaki is building up quite a following, and with good reason. 

He creates videos to show how his techniques can be used and, by making them with state of the art social media tools, he can bring in followers and viewers who might not otherwise pick up a brush. And you don't have to paint to be entertained.

One of my favorite watercolor artists is Iain Welch. You should follow his work here.

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