David Chase Has Another Opportunity to Ruin the Sopranos Ending


Every time I turn around, someone is giving David Chase another chance to ruin the way that he ended the Sopranos by killing Tony Soprano.

The streaming premiere, set for a one-night-only event on December 27 at 7pm GMT, will include two bonus features: the first being a reunion of key cast members at Il Cortile, a Little Italy restaurant the actors would go after their characters had been killed off. 
The second bonus will offer fans a rare interview with creator David Chase, reminiscing on his childhood memories of Newark and his plans to take The Sopranos to the big screen next year.

Here's to a whole new round of Sopranos related interviews and documentaries where Chase inadvertently tells people what he really meant when he had those hitmen shoot Tony in the face in front of his family, which maybe didn't happen now that we know that Chase changed his mind about that years ago. 

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