This is the Stupid Season


This is the kind of thing that makes people want to shut off their social media presence and just ignore how stupid the world has gotten under Trump. I'm sure that things were stupid when Bush was president because I actually remember how it was to live through two full presidential terms of insanity and ruin.

The stupid is so amped up now I can't even begin to describe it. Faking photos of people is one level of stupid. Thinking that you can score points by sharing something that can be easily fact checked and disproven is another level of stupid. Believing that you, as a failson spawn of Trump can just get away with this shit without ten million eyes all over it immediately is a level of stupid that runs way out in front of all the other kinds that there are.

Who the fuck are these people after the four years we've lived through. How is it that Eric Trump still has a presence on social media? What the hell, people? There are no standards anymore, I guess.

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