Tom Toles Retires


The 50 year career of Tom Toles is worthy of taking note of precisely because of how rare it is for someone to last that long in the world of political cartoons. 

He retires with one simple wish--vote out that maniac Donald Trump. Amen to that.

I will not reproduce his last panel here. You can click this link and, hopefully, have a look. Toles was more reliable than the Internet, that's for sure. He did a better job than most and his insights were always spot on with regards to the absolute ridiculousness of our political leaders.



I feel like if we tried to do this in America, people would go crazy:

Literally translating to platform cedar, daisugi is a 14th- or 15th-century technique that offers an efficient, sustainable, and visually stunning approach to forestry. The method originated in Kyoto and involves pruning the branches of Kitayama cedar so that the remaining shoots grow straight upward from a platform. Rather than harvesting the entire tree for lumber, loggers can fell just the upper portions, leaving the base and root structure intact.

Although daisugi mostly is used in gardens or bonsai today, it originally was developed to combat a seedling shortage when the demand for taruki, a type of impeccably straight and knot-free lumber, was high. Because the upper shoots of Kitayama cedar can be felled every 20 years, which is far sooner than with other methods, the technique grew in popularity.

This has all the trappings of something that would cause people to lose their mud. It requires patience and careful cultivation. It requires the use of precise methods for rendering our natural environment into a sustainable, useful thing that doesn't look like anything we have ever seen before. It comes from a different culture and therefore must be SMASHED because we don't want to take the time to understand it. And it is successful and we can't have nice things.

I'm probably being over-dramatic, but something like this would probably end up before our newly ridiculous Supreme Court and go down in flames.

Scenes From the Collapse of Western Civilization


It would never occur to these people that they should display themselves and their privilege in such a ways as to avoid being humiliated and mocked in public. You see, peasants, the mocking they undergo does not reach through their veil of ignorance. They are not self-aware enough to realize that they are being mocked. If there are people "talking" about them, it means they are important. This is the end game, to remain in a state of being discussed (no matter how poorly) above all other considerations.

We eliminated shame from our culture and look what it got us. Collapse, ruin, and well-dressed people posing for photos while the world burns down around them.

This is the Stupid Season


This is the kind of thing that makes people want to shut off their social media presence and just ignore how stupid the world has gotten under Trump. I'm sure that things were stupid when Bush was president because I actually remember how it was to live through two full presidential terms of insanity and ruin.

The stupid is so amped up now I can't even begin to describe it. Faking photos of people is one level of stupid. Thinking that you can score points by sharing something that can be easily fact checked and disproven is another level of stupid. Believing that you, as a failson spawn of Trump can just get away with this shit without ten million eyes all over it immediately is a level of stupid that runs way out in front of all the other kinds that there are.

Who the fuck are these people after the four years we've lived through. How is it that Eric Trump still has a presence on social media? What the hell, people? There are no standards anymore, I guess.

Inner Harbor Patrol


Spend some time in the Inner Harbor of Baltimore, see a police boat. What could possibly go wrong?

The Dance Class


The Smithsonian put a treasure trove of paintings by Edgar Degas on display recently and so, with masks on, we went and had a look.

The series of paintings that were done as part of his studies on the schools for ballet are incredible masterpieces of detail. Degas maintained a highly organized series of sketchbooks which were on display along with his masterful paintings.

Jules Perrot is immortalized in this paining, The Dance Class. There is a whole way of life that is now remote and lost to us. The way he commands the room is without equal.