Up in Horsey Heaven

The Parks and Recreation reunion episode was perfect, and they capped it off with one of the greatest songs ever written about a miniature horse.

Parks and Recreation

What's funny is that I never thought they would have a reunion on Parks and Recreation. either:
Parks and Recreation co-creator Mike Schur never wanted to do a revival, reboot or any sort of reunion for his beloved and star-studded former NBC comedy. Then the novel coronavirus shut down the world and changed everything.
"I didn't think Parks and Recreation would ever reunite; the show had a point to make and we made it and it ended and there was no compelling reason to do it — but this is as compelling a reason as there is," Schur told press, including The Hollywood Reporter, during a 45-minute conference call Tuesday, mere days before Amy Poehler's brilliantly optimistic Leslie Knope returns to the network in a special that doubles as a fundraiser for Feeding America.

Parks and Recreation, Schur recalled, was forged during the economic recession in 2007-08, when it was clear the government would have to play an active role in people's lives. That same need is true today, with people across the world turning to local and national governments to navigate the novel coronavirus and its economic fallout as many look for food assistance, financial aid to cover rent/mortgages and so on.
It was an amazing show. It was crippled by a couple of things early on and it always seemed that NBC was looking for a way to cancel it. Thirty episodes into the series, they wrote Paul Schneider off of the show and tried to bring in a new romantic lead. And then there was the writers strike, which hobbled numerous shows and shorted us a fair number of great episodes of TV.

I'll watch this. Really, what else is there to do?

Michelle Obama Reads to Children

There are a lot of people who could be doing this, but Michelle Obama is probably the best candidate for the job:
On “Mondays With Michelle Obama,” which begins today at 12pm EST, and will run from through May 11, the former first lady will livestream a reading of a classic children’s book as part of the PBS Kids Read-Along series. She joins an ever-expanding pool of celebrities reading books for kids online during the pandemic, but I think it’s safe to say she will overtake both Dolly Parton and Tom Hardy as the Lit Hub Slack favorite. This is our future president, people. (Just kidding, that would be in the good timeline, for which we have clearly not been chosen.)
The first book will be Julia Donaldson’s The Gruffalo. Watch “Mondays with Michelle Obama” on the PBS Kids YouTube channel or Facebook page, or at Penguin Random House’s Facebook.
It is probably not fair to expect the former First Lady to have to entertain other people's kids, but there it is. She is gracious and generous with her time and probably enjoys the process. If she provides this service, then I believe that she deserves the praise that goes with it. I suspect that she will reap a vast amount of scorn for her abilities, and it's like we're living in the mid-2010s all over again.

Any number of public figures could be doing this. We could encourage judges to sentence them to reading books to kids if they get crossways with the law. I don't know if that would go over all that well, but it's a good idea.

Lisa Guerrero

Action shots like this demonstrate that Lisa Guerrero is the entertainment journalist that America needs during these dark times. Instead of feel good bullshit about someone's dog or drug habit, Guerrero is drawing attention to the very real problems of self-isolation, COVID-19, and alcoholism.

David Hockney

This may not be the diversion you want, but it's the diversion you need.

David Hockney gets up every day and draws in the Normandy countryside. He is basically doing the Lord's work right now, and this is the relaxing, calming content that a dumb site like this readily has to have in order to survive.