Annabella Sciorra Testifies

This is devastating testimony, no doubt it:
Actress Annabella Sciorra testified in court Thursday that Harvey Weinstein raped her more than 25 years ago during emotional, face-to-face testimony from one of the women who has accused the movie mogul of sexual assault. 
"The Sopranos" actress said Weinstein raped and sexually assaulted her at her Manhattan apartment in the winter of 1993-1994. She first publicly spoke about the attack in an October 2017 New Yorker story as part of a wave of accusations against him. 
During her testimony, she called Weinstein "the defendant," and rarely used his name. At one point, though, she was presented with a photo of herself that she said was taken for a play she was working on at the time of the rape. "Yes, (the photo) reminds me very much of being raped by Harvey Weinstein," she said. 
Sciorra's voice quivered at times during her testimony, and she became particularly emotional recounting the period after the alleged rape. Sciorra said she would cut her fingers and hands and smear the blood onto a wall she was painting "blood red." She said wherever she smeared the blood she would mark it with gold leaf. When the prosecution asked why, she let out a sob and said she didn't know. 
Her testimony came a day after prosecutors and defense attorneys gave their opening statements in Weinstein's trial. Prosecutors said the Hollywood movie tycoon raped and sexually assaulted young women and actresses, including Sciorra, over the course of decades.
Harvey Weinstein shouldn't even be free on bail, if the safety of the general public means anything anymore. It's difficult to overstate how abusive and violent he is alleged to have been with regards to these women. 

Terry Jones 1942-2020

As John Cleese said today, two down, four to go.

The death of Terry Jones is not an unexpected thing, but it stings and hurts all the more because his final years were spent suffering from dementia. My thoughts are with his family and, no matter who you are, dealing with a loss like this is a difficult but ultimately human experience.

Jones was a very learned comedian, which meant that he did smart things for laughs. Oh, sure. He was naked a lot, but that was just part of his charm. He leaves behind a body of work that has few equals.

If you want some insight as to how brilliant he was, pick up one of his books. I have a book of scripts for Ripping Yarns, and it has always been a favorite, something I could never part with. And then there's his medieval research, Who Murdered Chaucer?

Mutt Mutt Engine

If you ever find yourself in need of adopting a rescue dog, please consider reaching out to these folks:
It’s a sweet existence for Gilbert, Lamb Chop, Secret Squirrel, Little and Goo — all dogs adopted by Sally and Chris Mars. 
The canine quintet has the run of a red two-story house in the Linden Hills neighborhood of Minneapolis (“when your name is Mars, you have to paint your house red,” said Chris). Their lives today are a far cry from what had appeared to be their destiny. All of them were plucked from misery — abused, neglected, abandoned, hoarded or overbred in a puppy mill. 
“He’s the reason we have five dogs,” said Sally, 55, gesturing to her husband. 
“I’m not built to foster,” admitted Chris, 58. “I get too attached.”  
After years of volunteering with animal rescue organizations, the couple founded their own last February. Mutt Mutt Engine began with the goal of helping one dog a month. Their project quickly exceeded their dreams. By September, the fledgling nonprofit had helped 55 dogs escape desperate fates. 
Mutt Mutt Engine benefits from the talents and notoriety of its creators. Sally is an accomplished photographer and television commercial producer. Chris has earned international renown as a painter; his first career making art was as drummer in the Replacements, the legendary Minneapolis rock band.
Mutt Mutt Engine has a regional approach, so please find out if they have the right rescue dog for you.