Alana Evans

At any other point in American History, Alana Evans would be a household name right now:

President Trump allegedly chased adult film star Stormy Daniels around a hotel room in his underwear, friend and fellow adult-film star Alana Evans claimed Tuesday in an appearance on Megyn Kelly Today. Evans first told The Daily Beast that she was invited to the hotel room that night to “party” with Trump and Daniels. “‘Come hang out with us. Come have fun. Let’s party,’” Evans told Kelly that Trump said. “If you’re inviting me to a hotel room to hang out with another man and a girlfriend of mine, it’s very easy for you to, you know, believe that there’s going to be more going on than just, you know, playing cards or scrabble.” Evans relayed that when she later asked Daniels how the night went she’d said, “‘Well, picture this. Donald Trump chasing me around the bedroom in his tighty whities’ isn’t something that you ever forget.’”

Basically, the President of the United States of America had ongoing relationships with multiple adult film stars and Playboy models. Hush money was paid to an unknown number of women to remain silent about this.

When did the president wear tighty whities and why isn't that being asked by every reporter in the land right now?

It's okay if you're a Republican, but when this stuff happened to Democrats (Gary Hart, Bill Clinton, John Edwards), it was Earth shattering and consumed the media for years.

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