Would You Tell This Woman to Lose Weight?

More proof that the world is dumb:

Miss Iceland has quit an international beauty pageant after she was allegedly told to lose weight.

Arna Ýr Jónsdóttir said staff from the popular contest, Miss Grand International, told her to eat less ahead of the final. 

    In a "goodbye" letter posted on Instagram Monday, she wrote: "I am a very strong woman, but sometimes my strength isn't enough.

    "Your staff told me that I had to lose weight for the finals because I have too much fat on me and also too big shoulders."

    It might be a good idea to point out that the man in question wasn't Trump because that was the first reaction I had to this story--what did Trump say about a woman now? But, no. It was some other ridiculous asshole.

    Oh, and as if this needs to be said--don't ever tell anyone they need to lose weight. It's none of your damned business. Period. End of story.

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