Why Does Christie Brinkley Have to be on the Right Side of Feminists?

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I'm not understanding the fuss here.

Christie Brinkley is 63 years old. She appeared in Sports Illustrated numerous times. She's appearing in it again.

When did she ever say that you have to be just like her and if you're not, you're doing it wrong? She's celebrating being alive and with her daughters. She's just doing what she's been doing most of her life--modeling. Here you have a person who's just happy to find work as a model. Isn't that enough?

When did we start thinking that there was something else that had to go with modeling? Are we mad that she isn't telling everyone what to think and what to do because she looks great for her age? And no, she doesn't have to look great for her age to have value. She has value because she's a person who is basically able to do what she used to do. When I think of Christie Brinkley, I think of a model. 

I don't worry about the other stuff, and neither should you.

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