What Are They Going to do With Roger Clinton?

I have to admit that I have not thought about Roger Clinton in what seems like twenty years. In terms of modern politics, that's forever and a day. His arrest on drunken driving charges mere days before the California primary is an indication of something, but who knows what? A cry for help? Dumb luck? A need to feed the right wing hate machine yet another piece of red meat?

He's the former President's half brother, and that former President's wife is about to conclude the race for the nomination for President of the United States. They couldn't get someone to babysit Roger for a few weeks? How about finding something for him to do until the year is out?

You can't ignore this story because it's going to be fodder for right wing news sites. This is basically what they served up throughout the 1990s--every embarrassing aspect of Bill Clinton's life is worthy of a front page write-up in the New York Times, up to and including the time they found a long-lost brother-in-law not named Roger. I expect Maureen Dowd to sympathize with poor Roger and talk about how his manhood has been sapped from him by that woman who will be president.

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