The Walking Dead Season Six Episode 11

Don't read this if you haven't seen the 11th Episode of Season Six titled "Knots Untie."

My recap on this is way, way late and I apologize for that. I'm impressed so far with the quality of the show and I am not going to sit and snipe away at the comic or the show--what's the point of all of that? The Walking Dead is a show that is too busy changing to care whether or not people are still mad about Andrea. This was a transitional episode that attempted to introduce a whole new world--a bigger one--while adding in some more characters. The cast of the show is now about as big as the story can handle.

This is the episode where we get to see the Hilltop community. The set they've built is stunning--what other TV show would do something like this?

Michonne appears to be the new "Andrea" and that's the main story so far--the evolution of the characters and the possibility that we will see more insight into their personal lives. Basic human needs are being met, even if there is a food shortage. The existential threat of 10,000 walkers has faded into the past. There's another herd of about 5,000 walkers out there--when will they stumble back towards the survivors? When will they appear? The conflicts that will arise between the good guys and the bad guys will inform the rest of this season and set things up for what I think will be the final season--the seventh season that will begin airing this fall. If they do an eighth season, it will probably cover material that the comic book hasn't--meaning, it will follow the example set by Game of Thrones and give people something they haven't already ingested.

This episode can be measured in melodrama. Abraham is a morose fellow, but he gets laughs with the best product placement in the show's history (do people still use Bisquick?). Glenn and Maggie are hopeful because they've just rescued the best baby doctor still alive. Jesus is going to be trusted, but only barely. Daryl does not have enough to do, as usual. Rick has ended the Ricktatorship and turned things over to Maggie. And opening up the carotid artery of your adversary rates a "what?" when done in public.

We know there's an evil mastermind called Negan out there, and we finally get an idea as to what he's about. He's explained here as an extoritionist. The Hilltop compound is a neighborhood grocery store and Negan is the mobbed up guy who comes in, beats someone to death "right off the bat," and collects his protection money. Rick and the survivors are the vigilantes who are going to take him on and put a stop to the injustice. This is the deal they make, and it's the best one out there. This means that someone in the group of survivors is going to have to be sacrificed for the food they need from the Hilltop group.

Maggie emerges as a the leader that Deanna groomed her to become. Rick knows it, and defers to her because he knows what he's good at. He's the military and Maggie is the civilian, and, in America, it works better if you have the civilians telling the armed forces what to do. She negotiates with the creepy and date-rapey Gregory, who acts like a diffident Humanities professor trying to sleep with a grad student. And Maggie, as the grad student, knows how to flip the tables and get what she wants, which is a significant amount of food and the chance to help Rick sell the plan to get rid of Negan to the survivors.

All of the foreshadowing done on behalf of Abraham--who is torn between leaving Rosita and taking up with Sasha--means that someone's heart is going to be broken. I still maintain, though, that Daryl will meet the end of Negan's bat, not Glenn. It's also possible that Abraham will step in and take Glenn's place so that someone can have some happiness. The speech between the two of them in this episode makes that scenario a little more likely.

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