Moonbeam City

Oh, darn it:

Comedy Central viewers may want to sit down for this news: When it returns with new episodes circa September 2016, South Park will no longer be followed by Moonbeam City, the hyper-stylized, hyper-violent, ’80s-themed cop show parody created and executive produced by Scott Gairdner. Comedy Central hasgiven the animated series the boot after just one season and 10 deliberately tacky and over-the-top episodes. The network unveiled its list of renewals yesterday, and Moonbeam City was conspicuously absent; barring some kind of miraculous revival in some other venue, the show’s wild, coked-up ride appears to have been short-lived.

The culprit? Those darned ratings. Turns out, there just weren’t enough viewers who wanted to see what Archer might look like as filtered through the Reagan-era aesthetic of Patrick Nagel. At least not enough to sustain a weekly series: Though it garnered what Deadline is calling “a cult following,” Moonbeam City was only able to hold onto about 20 percent of South Park’s lead-in, not enough to save its own porcelain-colored, scarf-draped neck. The cast and crew of the series should not despair, however, as the post-South Park time slot has been something of a basic cable Bermuda Triangle, devouring show after quirky show.

I had hoped for another season of Moonbeam City. I think I've only seen four of the ten episodes, and they were uneven but promising. I was hoping that the creators could settle things down and really get into the characters, which is what drives these shows (and what makes Archer such a gem).

Someone should really pick this up (FX?). It's a fantastic concept and the design discipline that went into the show is very worthwhile. They could dial back the violence and make it a little more satirical and I think it would work just fine. But, what do I know? I'm the jackass who couldn't get past the dolphin episode.

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