The Walking Dead Season Six Episode 6

There are two more episodes to go until we reach the next manipulative cliffhanger for the front half of this season, and things aren't looking too bad. You can look at this week's episode and reach several different conclusions, but here's the one that matters--Rick and the group will confront whatever is out there and kick it up it's own ass.

That's the pronouncement from Abraham, now back in dress blues thanks to a wardrobe malfunction and that's pretty much how things are going to be. No one knows how long they have but it's time to quit worrying about that bullshit and get busy living. This is the most life affirming episode so far and it reveals to us a little more of the situation in Northern Virginia. Yes, there are other groups out there. No, they can't shoot worth a damn. And, yes, there's this asshole named Wade who will prominently feature in a future episode. Wade can't be too happy now that Alexandria just sent a massive herd into his territory.

This episode was divided into two parts--Abraham and Sasha hole up and regroup so they can discuss how crazy or horny they are and Daryl's abduction by a half-assed trio of survivors runs the gamut between trust and betrayal. Everything they were riding in has been shot up or taken but they still come out of it all looking pretty good. Each character is moving in more or less the same direction. The only surprise is when Abraham states his desire for Sasha, who is non-plussed and doesn't give him much to go on. If this leads to strife or jealousy, I would be surprised because there's nothing unnatural about it. Both characters have admirable traits and if this is the new relationship, it signals their impending doom.

My guess is that Abraham or Sasha are next as far as the conclusion of their storylines. This was an episode where any one of them could have died, even Daryl. When he had Wade in his sights, it was shot in such a way as to suggest that Daryl really should have pulled the trigger. When the guy and girl he helped took Aaron's motorcycle and his crossbow, you could tell that Daryl knew that he was only temporarily saying goodbye to these things.

I had to admire the way the show integrated Abraham's back story into his discovery of a pristine set of dress blues in an abandoned office. He even notes the picture of the family man on the wall of his darkened office, reverting back to what he lost when he finds even more treasure while out scavenging. The way it was filmed suggested Abraham was about to meet his end--the same slow motion, intensely focused camera angles used when Glenn "died" a few episodes ago. And I also have to admire the good job they did with Abraham and this new uniform. He respectfully removed the owner's rank, skill badges, unit awards and medals and left the jacket with the insignia that would be appropriate. A real soldier would never wear another man's medals.

The weapon he found strung up on an impaled soldier was likely an RPG-7, which is a copy of the Russian RPG by an American company called Airtronic. It could very well be the Russian RPG version, which is a very deadly weapon and can stop tanks. I don't know what they're foreshadowing, but this is a game-changing weapon that will make Alexandria more powerful than ever. They sure could have used it when the Governor attacked the prison.

All in all, this was a good episode but not a great one. It showed Daryl's ethics at work--he even gets to play three questions (how many walkers have you killed, how many people have you killed and why did you kill them?) with the group of survivors that he ends up helping. Their inexperience and incompetence is fairly surprising--they have a backstory about being brutalized by Wade and they come off as sympathetic at first. The next time we see them, they'll either be dead or begging for help. Please note that the actress who plays on of them was Christine Evangelista, who has a great resume for a show like this. She could be a pivotal character in the weeks ahead, maybe even in the back half of this season.

This might also signal the end of going out and looking for other people to join Alexandria. You couldn't blame Daryl for not wanting to trust anyone else out there. Look what he's gotten for his troubles! He's lost his bike and his crossbow, and all he gained in return was a truck full of fuel named Patty.

Of course that was Glenn on the radio, calling for help (I don't buy into misdirection, and neither should you at this point). Of course we're being punished for caring about his character. And, of course they're going to be instrumental in rescuing not only Glenn but Alexandria itself. That's what the RPGs are for. I didn't see what will happen next week, beyond the bleeding of the walls in Alexandria and the impending threat outside. For a while there, I thought we'd see Enid again.

My lame-assed prediction is that Enid will save Glenn. If not her, then Daryl, Sasha and Abraham are going to have to drive angry to get back there in time.

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