The Walking Dead Season Six Episode 3

Episode three of the sixth season of the Walking Dead was every bit as terrifying and brutal as the last one, and it featured something no one is really talking about. The Wolves were effectively finished off as a group in this episode, and unless they exist as a scattered clan of interconnected groups, there is little or no reason for the Alexandrians to fear them anymore. However, there are quite a few fewer Alexandrians to do just that.

And that's really my takeaway from this episode--another outmatched group has been driven to what appears to be extinction thanks to the fact that Rick and his group are heavily armed and fight like well-disciplined infantry when up against any living adversary. They have come to this point because of the massive battles they had against the Governor, who looms large over the series even today. Without the experience gleaned from going up against a skilled adversary, Rick's group wouldn't be as sharp and focused as it truly is in terms of defending itself and solving problems.

The front half of Season Six is, apparently, going to focus on the problem of securing Alexandria. And this episode featured the efforts of Michonne, Rick, and Glenn while foreshadowing the urge that Daryl has to break off and go to the aid of Carol. It's not by accident that all four characters carry out this struggle with new personalities and new characters or, in Rick's case, entirely by himself. Adversity comes in the form of swarming numbers, broken plans, a broken knife, a wrong turn, or a walker banging on a closet door. It comes from being conscience of responsibility and accepting of fate. 

When you see the Alexandrians (who are not much more than red-shirted extras from the old Star Trek franchise) die, their deaths are horrible and overwhelming. They are unprepared for the world as it really is--the world unleashed when the bottle was uncorked in the first episode. The emptying of the rock quarry is like the clearing of the conscience in one way because now we get to see what this new form of adversity will bring to the characters. 

Michonne is ready for it, as is Heath. Daryl is always ready for it, but is unhappy with his role in this episode. Rick looks truly frightened when he finds himself in the dead RV. And Glenn realizes it a moment too late because he never should have followed a screw-up like Nicholas.

Glenn's apparent death in this episode is hinted at, but I don't think it actually happens this way. For one, Steven Yeun is still filming the show, and he's either appearing in flashbacks or hauntings or not at all. This could be how the show fools people and tries to get back at a rabid following down in the Atlanta area. For another reason, it's evident that Nicholas is consumed and not Glenn, allowing him a moment to escape. Remember when Tyreese got free from a similar fate, unscathed? It's possible, in the crush of all the walkers, for Glenn to either end up in the dumpster or crawl out through the legs and make a break for it. This is how many people end up surviving stampedes or similar situations (of which, admittedly, there are relatively few).

I wouldn't focus on Glenn's demise in this episode. I would take note of the problems at hand. There are many, many walkers being led away by Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha and those three characters are due for a major story line in episode four if the show travels that route. Ethically, should they really be leading so many walkers away from a place? How's it going to look when it appears that they are leading them towards some other community or settlement? What then?

We know that the Jesus character from the Hilltop Community should be appearing at some point soon; whether that happens in the front half or the back half is anyone's guess. My prediction is that Rick will be saved by Morgan and the Alexandrians. The group has to go on the offensive to ward off so many walkers. Remember the tractors and heavy equipment we've seen so far? Someone needs to put all of that to good use. 

My money is on Aaron, whose discovery in the last episode of his pack among the scattered belongings of the wolves will be the impetus for him to do something to redeem himself. Don't forget--we have Aaron, Carol, Morgan, Rosita, and Tara in Alexandria and that's not a group to sneeze at. I think we'll have Daryl go off on his pseudo-abduction mini-plot (as hinted at in the trailer for the season) and Abraham and Sasha will discover the Hilltop Community by accident. I'm not buying what was teased ever again--I don't think the 90 minute show we will see next week will focus on Morgan's backstory so much as it will be about resolving a great deal of the problems that the group are in now. We have to figure out who Enid, the troubled teenage love interest of Carl, really is and we have to have a come-to-Jesus moment about a lot of things. We have a lot of characters that haven't been used yet and we have a whole new world to play in.

So no, I don't think Glenn is dead. Glenn's story isn't over yet. In one form or another, Glenn has more road to run on and so does this group. When challenged, they are way too dangerous for amateurs. Their only rivals, besides their own crumbling plans, would have to come in the form of professional killers who have seen the right amount of adversity.

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