Are You Excited?

I don't know if I'll do recaps of the Late Show With Stephen Colbert, but I suspect I'll be watching a good deal of it on a regular basis. I just can't explain why, but, of everyone in the entertainment business, I find Colbert's sense of humor closest to my own in that what he does is endlessly interesting to me and I am thoroughly in awe of what he can do when he goes after a subject. I'm amazed at how fast he is and how well he responds to people. I wish I was that good. I think we all wish we were as smart as this man. He has none of Letterman's self-loathing and virtually nothing of Jay Leno's inability to get out of the way of a laugh. I suspect that if people don't watch his show it'll be because we are doomed as a culture and unable to appreciate genius.

Nobody else on television is as good. Nobody.

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