Another Thing Ruined by Steve Martin

But the worst of it is Vinnie—who, as played by the decidedly not-Italian Martin,spends the film effecting an accent that is 80 percent Don Corleone, 15 percentArthur Fonzarelli, and 5 percent Super Mario Brother. He utters lines like “a-RU-gala—it’s a VEG-e-tab-le.” He sports a sharkskin suit that he wears while mowing his suburban lawn. He also sports a hairdo that suggests a closer-cropped, grayer-scaled version of the ones preferred by Troll dolls. The whole effect, a contemporary review of the movie put it, is of “a comedy-sketch mutant—a WASP soaked in garlic.”

Actually, I don't care. But anyone who tells you that Steve Martin is a "movie star" is lying through their teeth and probably doesn't even realize that the lowly Chevy Chase had a better run, but not by much. Martin was rarely good in anything, and great in perhaps two films. Everything else was forgettable and ended up in the remainder bins of American movie rental stores. He doesn't have a Stripes or a Mrs. Doubtfire or aBeverly Hills Cop or a Raising Arizona on his resume. He doesn't even have a Turner and Hooch.

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