If you want to hazard your own guess as to why Tomorrowland was a huge flop, this is the blog where you can do so:

If ever there was a studio that could withstand a serious stumble, it's Disney, home of Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar and Walt Disney Animation Studios. And stumble it has with Tomorrowland, theBrad Bird-directed fantasy adventure. Sources say the film will lose $120 million to $140 million by the time it finishes its global rollout, becoming Disney's first major financial misfire since The Lone Ranger prompted a $190 mil­lion write-down two summers ago.

It's also the third big-budget original tentpole of 2015 to bomb after Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, highlighting the risky nature of nine-figure filmmaking at a time when relatively lower-budget hits such as Spy and Pitch Perfect 2 are causing studios to look closely at the costs of creating franchises.

Tomorrowland, which cost $180 million to produce plus a marketing spend of $150 million or more, had everything going for it: a hot filmmaker in Bird, 57 (Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol), and a global star in George Clooney, 54. But it debuted to weak reviews (was it for kids or adults?) and a soft $42.7 million during the long Memorial Day weekend. As of June 8, the film had earned $76.4 million domestically and $93.5 million overseas for a global total of $169.9 million. It might not gross much more than $200 million, far from enough to cover Disney's costs.

China, ravenous for American event movies, has been a particularly harsh blow. Tomorrowlandbowed to $13.8 million there in early June, getting trounced by the $38.3 million opening of the Japanese animated title Stand by Me Doraemon.

So, even though the film made a lot of money, it was a flop because it didn't pay for itself. Which is interesting because not every film can "pay for itself" and studios should always try to push the envelope and take risks with films that have something important to say.

I think what made Tomorrowland a flop was the perspective it offered, which is inherently a Baby Boomer thing--we're screwing up the world, only a chosen person can save it,. we have to fight evil, blah blah blah. This is why the Coen Brothers keep making successful films, both artistically and financially. They don't give a crap about any of that stuff. They would never in a million years make Tomorrowland. 

The thing that I have always encountered when writing about the Baby Boom generation is a level of narcissism and self-entitlement that people my age (post Baby Boom, of course) only possess when they're doing an impression of their parents. Baby Boomers aren't just the greatest waste of human potential in human history, they are the embodiment of it. When confronted, they just cite their resumes and cuss people out.

The Baby Boomers are done as an artistic force, and the things they handed to the culture are irrelevant. Their legacy is one steeped in personal hypocrisy and greed. Yeah, yeah. You were a minor associate of the Grateful Dead and you helped Tom Hayden do something no one remembers. During the 80's, you had a letter to the editor about Bob Dylan published in the New York Times. We got it. Now go away.

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