Heather Cho is Going Away For a Year

I think people are forgetting something here:

A former executive of South Korea's national airline has been jailed for one year for obstructing aviation safety during a row over nuts.

Heather Cho forced a plane to return to the gate in New York last December and offload a steward because she did not like the way she had been served nuts.

Judge Oh Sung-woo said it was a case where "human dignity" had been "trampled upon".

Ms Cho has apologised and quit Korean Air, which is run by her father. 

Her plane was taxiing at New York's JFK Airport on 5 December when witnesses say she became angry after being served macadamia nuts she did not ask for, and which were still in a bag and not in a bowl.

It wasn't entirely about macadamia nuts. It was about an ethical approach to a simple customer service complaint, one that Cho failed badly. She committed an abuse of power, she was on an aircraft and hitting people with objects. She was using a position of authority to terrorize and intimidate employees of the airline. We can project our values on this and come up with a lot of different scenarios, but, the bottom line is, she interfered with a plane that was "in flight" and could have faced stiff penalties if this was handled in America.

This incident reminds me of "who moved my cheese" and not in a good way.

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