Laugh At Me, Will You?

I can respect the fact that people want to control their schools at the local level. If it is the will of the community to celebrate ignorance and eliminate critical thinking from education, be my guest. I don't have to live in your town, so it really does not affect me one way or the other. A fear of history and of what America has been can turn even the staunchest patriot's stomach. I mean, good God, man. We once took a massive population of Native Americans and force marched them to a hellhole called Oklahoma and...and...

Oh, this is in Oklahoma? Someone should have said something.

Anti-intellectualism starts down a long and interesting path. Soon, it becomes all too apparent that the works of the old masters are full of perversions and the kinds of filth not suitable for public display. All of those passionate paintings? They need to go. Replace them with landscapes and pictures of rotting fruit.

The "false wall" separating the church from the state isn't false at all. It's very real. It was put there for the purpose of keeping yahoos like Oklahoma Representative Dan Fisher from doing stupid things to the local schools (that was the original intent of the Founding Fathers--stop the yahoos!) and ruining them for future generations.

Imagine what will happen when a kid from Oklahoma shows up at a university where they actually teach things to young people and that kid sits down in History 101 and answers "Jeebus" when the question posed was, "who ordered the Trail of Tears March?" That kid is going to be laughed out of college and will have to return to Oklahoma, flat busted broke and incapable of functioning in a polite society.

Damn, what a waste. And that kid won't be able to get a job so they'll have to look around, maybe start a bug killing' business or a massage parlor or maybe--just maybe--have to run for office by claiming that Jeebus is the Answer. In Oklahoma, that kid will be governor by sundown on a ticket like that. Laugh at that, you Godless libs.

Sure enough, Governor kid shows up in Washington D. C. and won't have any idea who did what and why is that building over there and how come this is how you get a bill passed and where's my money and then they'll laugh, just like they laughed in college.

Next thing you know, Oklahoma is seceding from America and we've got another Civil War on our hands. Oh, won't someone think of those poor kids being made stupid?

Situated Cognition and Art

This makes sense to me--the brain absorbs art and creative material in a number of different ways, but the space and context of a museum trumps that of a flat digital screen format.

The point though, is that what do museums do now that they have digitized their collections? There are tremendous works of art that are too fragile to display and there isn't enough space on the floor for the typical museum to display what they have in their collections. Digitization was supposed to preserve and expand that which could not otherwise be enjoyed. It turns out, museums should have been expanding their space and looking for ways to display fragile materials. At least it does from the viewpoint of an enhanced experience.


A slice of found art, courtesy of Google Maps. This is a satellite view of boats at anchor on the north side of Lake Constance.


This religion has a catchy name, and you don't have to give them all your cash. That means it is automatically cool and will probably have a lot of adherents.

Somehow, every religion gets ruined when you have to start throwing cash at it. Let's hope that Ásatrúarfélagið avoids that.