Stuff White People Like

Did you know that "Stuff White People Like" is still in existence? It hasn't been updated in over four years, but if they were going to go with #137, they could submit "the 2015 Oscars nominations."

Yes, this is the whitest year in twenty years in terms of prestigious film award nominations:

Today's Oscar nominations contained a host of snubs that have critics and commentators up in arms (as they do every year). But the optics of this year's slate are particularly egregious when you combine the surprising coolness towards Martin Luther King Jr. biopic Selma—nominated for Best Picture but missing in the Director, Actor, and Screenplay categories—with the fact that all 20 acting nominees this year are white, the first time such a thing has happened since the Oscars honoring the films of 1995.

The Oscar slate that year featured a lot of British period dramas (Braveheart, Sense and Sensibility, Rob Roy), specific American historical pieces (Nixon, Dead Man Walking, Apollo 13), small-scale romantic dramas (Leaving Las Vegas, The Bridges of Madison County), and the talking-pig movie Babe. If the lack of diversity among the nominees was noted, it was probably less remarked-upon because there was no obvious "Oscar film” featuring people of color getting snubbed. We expect the Academy Awards to ignore all kinds of great genre material; the 2015 list feels all the more galling because David Oyelowo's performance and Ava DuVernay's direction were not just extraordinarily good, but also very Oscar-friendly.

Isn't a great thing for America to have no outstanding issues with regards to race or racism anymore? Isn't it just the greatest thing ever for an institution that has traditionally failed to follow up on efforts to diversify who gets awards to end up shitting the bed during an entire calendar year of race-related news events? Can you say out of touch with modern American society?

Congratulations go out to all the white people who are excited to see mediocrity win more awards. Yay!

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