Who is Manipulating Your Life?

I can understand the frustration that people are having with the new health care law and I can see how going after lawmakers is going to lead to defeat for some and to the election of a select group of ignorant ass clowns. Any time you fundamentally transform a system and try to protect consumers, the reaction against those changes invariably costs a politician or two their jobs.

However, Miss Sippel should take note of this fact:

Mayo Clinic spent nearly half a million on lobbying at the state Capitol last year.
According to the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board’s website, it’s the largest amount the clinic has spent on lobbying since 2007.

Mayo spokesman Bryan Anderson said most of the lobbying money was spent on the clinic’s efforts to pass Destination Medical Center, the largest economic development project in state history.

Mayo’s lobbying paid off. The Legislature and the governor approved a $585 million funding package for public infrastructure to support Mayo Clinic’s 20-year, $6 billion expansion.

The clinic’s $480,000 expenditure puts it in 15th place on the lobbying list.
The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce spent the most on lobbying last year with a total of about $2 million.

Note the massive spike that occurs as soon as President Obama is elected on a promise to reform health care. Is this an accident? Do you think that the Mayo Clinic made a concerted effort to practically double their efforts to influence lawmakers out of kindness? Or do you think everything being done to destroy health care reform has the sole purpose of returning the United States to the status quo, which, if I remember correctly, was making these people money hand over damned fist?

What are you going to do in the face of such opposition? Move somewhere else? Elect someone who thinks paperwork is too hard? In Minnesota, this means that a lot of people like Shannon Savick are going to be thrown out of office. They are facing an onslaught of money to send the country back into the dark ages.

Your quality of life is being manipulated by profit-driven companies that are spending money to destroy your freedom. Or something like that. You would think there'd be a Tea Party reaction against hurting the American people, but when you've already been bought and paid for, the people standing up for working Americans have a lonely road ahead of them.

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