The elimination of Stalin's cult of personality was undertaken with somber dedication almost as soon as he was dead; it took the Georgians sixty years to remove his statue and it served as proof that disowning a favorite son was one way to stick it to the Russians. The idea was, let's keep the empire but disavow the tactics of the architect. For a Crimean woman to brandish his photo like this is absurd; she is ignorant of Ukraine's history of being starved and purged and slaughtered at the hands of Stalin's thugs in the 1930s. She is either being paid to be happy about something she understands or she is an addled Russian woman who has hated Ukrainians all her life.

Now that Stalin is back as an icon of Russian/Soviet dominance, if I were a moderately successful young person living in the Baltic nations, my ass would be halfway to America by now. If there isn't a brain drain soon, I am guessing there will be. Nations mean nothing to the new Stalin, and Putin wants his empire restored. He is dictator for life of the new Russia and it's time to demonstrate this to the peasants.

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