Lily Allen Lets the Industry Have It

This is an important statement about where we are in the world of pop music. Lily Allen has almost no control over what she releases, but she does control what she puts together in the studio. And what has happened in recent months is that she feels that her label and the people who play music on the radio aren't picking the right songs from what she has recorded.

You don't hear an independent artist making these complaints, although they do run into the same troubles. You don't hear heavy metal bands complain much, either. What they release is very straightforward. But here you have a pop artist who is trying to make a comeback of sorts and she feels marginalized and like she can't break through to her fans.

But here's how the problem is solved--she makes her statement via social media.

Given that there could be a backlash, I'd say this is an innovative way to reach out and discuss what's being released and played, and while it would be easy to mock this as a First World Problem enjoyed by a very privileged individual, it actually sounds like a cry for help from a miserable young lady.

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