I Said a Young Man Ain't Got Nothin' in the World These Days

I think that this article from The Atlantic hits the nail on the head--we have to deal with a rise in the population of young males or instability could be commonplace. Think of what would happen if a bunch of young men voted for the economic self-interest and threw a few Republican senators out of office--the country would collapse.

Much of what causes turmoil in countries like Pakistan, Egypt, and India stems in large part from the fact that it is prohibitively expensive for a young man to marry and thus, many of them become obsessed or socially confused and engage in criminal activity. Women have a civilizing effect on the male population and no where is that more true than in places where the civilizing effect is being missed because everyone is poor and can't afford anything.

A great way to temper this and spread stability would be to engage in trade and commerce and attempt to lift the standard of living of poor young males. This would be like paying them to stay calm and it would be money well spent. I think it would be a mistake to ignore the impact of culture and religion, but there are some things that could be helped by applying commonsense economics.

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