How Many Music Streaming Providers Do We Need?

I am not a fan of music streaming services; that's why I have never used one nor do I plan to use one, ever.

Streaming providers claim they're paying artists, but, really, we know that's a sham. Unless you have a song that gets played tens of thousands of times a day, you're not going to see serious money. And who could tolerate such a thing? Should we encourage artists to try to make a song that is so bland and catchy? Or should we reward artists in other ways?

It doesn't matter because everyone is getting in on streamed music. Samsung is going to add itself to the mix and try to make a business model work so that artists can be paid less and less money. By further diluting the number of "plays" that an artist gets, all of the streaming services can get away with paying a smaller and smaller royalty.

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