This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

Mike Gordon is a xenophobe from Albert Lea, Minnesota. Normally, these posts go on another blog, but I'm putting it here because it shows how this whole debate over immigration reform is going to go. The nutty Mike Gordons of the world are probably going to win because they have tribalism and hate on their side. Don't bet against ignorance in modern America.

The crux of Gordon's argument is us vs them. He fears that reforming immigration will lead to his personal joblessness. For, you see, Gordon is either a day laborer, a lawn maintenance worker, a dishwasher, or a cabbage picker who makes a darned good living. These are the jobs that so-called illegal immigrants enter into in order to join our economy. Many of them stay in these jobs out of economic necessity or a fear of trying to move up. Our economy would collapse without these workers; they are the most exploited cohort of our population.

Here's a rundown of the benefits of fixing this system. There are many, many Republicans who agree with the White House. They know that reform would boost the economy. They know that the inherently conservative and family-oriented Hispanic population of immigrants would vote Republican more than they would Democrat. They know that the demographic numbers would favor them heavily if they were to abandon the lost cause of hating the poor. They know that they're being hypocrites because if you keep people in fear of being deported and keep them working from slave wages, they can't form unions and receive higher wages.

None of the crazy shit Gordon has to say really applies because he's using facts to make the case that this massive "they" out there is going to take all the jobs. In a majority of cases, no, not at all. In some cases, sure--they could very well take your job. But, if they did, it would be because your employer doesn't value you as an individual.

How is that the fault of the people who would benefit from immigration reform.

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