They Blew it Up

Not quite two years ago, I was in Frankfurt, Germany and I snapped a picture of this hideous building. This was the AfE building and it was far more hideous in person than my photo could possibly capture. It really was.

I called it a great example of architectural blight. The morality of putting something this dysfunctional and ugly in the middle of a beautiful city had to have offended someone's sense of decency, even back in the hoary days when throwing up towers in post-war Germany was an act of determination and muscle. Surrounded by classical buildings and otherwise functional European architecture, it stood out as being one of the few communist-era block towers to have sprouted up in the old West Germany. This is what you would have expected in Potsdam, not Frankfurt.

On Sunday, the Germans heeded my post--I am being ridiculous on purpose--and brought the whole damned thing down in a heap of concrete and dust.

Kudos, people of Frankfurt. I'm glad I was able to help.

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