The Reason Why the Seattle Seahawks Will Not Repeat as NFL Champions

There's a problem with this idea that Seattle, which was the better team and deserved to win the Super Bowl this year, won't win it next year.


The NFL thrives on competition. The dynasties of old are gone. When a sad franchise like Seattle, which has had rare moments of brilliance over the last thirty years, can win a Super Bowl the year after Baltimore did it and the year after New York did it, you have to come down on the side of parity. Some teams, like New York and New England, return to the Super Bowl and win it. Others, like Baltimore, have to tear their teams down and rebuild them.

If Seattle can come back in a few years and win it, great. But they're going to have to struggle to do that. A repeat is rare--a three-peat is all but impossible. Thank the salary cap for that.

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