Royal Hypocrisy

Morrissey continues to use the platform he was given by music to advance his agenda on social issues. And that's a good thing in my book. He could have cashed in years ago and lived a much more comfortable life. Instead, he notes the royal hypocrisy of supporting things on one hand while blowing away defenseless animals with the other.

I never mind it when Morrissey does things like this. People swoon and then ignore what Paul McCartney has to say about being a vegetarian; why is that? He has tens of millions of fans and how many of them ever stand up and say, "thanks to Paul McCartney, I'm not a meat eater anymore." How is it that one of the most famous musicians in the world can be such an advocate for something and be almost completely ignored when it comes to that issue? It's as if they have a blind eye for it as long as he plays enough Beatles songs.

Morrissey has been far more influential, although trying to pick the most persuasive vegetarian is a task that will likely get you thrown out of your next party.

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