Not Everyone Can Render the Proper Respect

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The Wisconsin National Guard needs a new team of soldiers to render honors at military funerals.

Apparently, some young female Specialist with a social media account decided to play around with photos and images and act in a disrespectful manner. Her company commander is more than equipped to deal with this, and she should join everyone in the photo above in finding other duties. They should not be allowed to perform any more ceremonies because they don't have the common sense to understand that, when you pose like this, it makes the military look bad.

Ceremonial teams practice with empty caskets and that's what you see above. They screw around to relieve the tension or the boredom of doing the same thing over and over again. They practice the funeral ceremony until an NCO tells them they have practiced enough. This is not a major scandal; it's a dumb one. What's different now is that everyone carries a phone that can snap photos or videos that can go online. This means that all of the stupid things we used to do years ago remain lost to the ages because there are no photos; everything these clowns are doing is recorded, archived, digitized, and stored forever.

Somewhere, out there in Wisconsin, is a soldier with enough common sense not to be in the picture you see above. Let that soldier render the honors and let the rest find something else to do.

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