How Does Jonathan Martin Come Back to Football?

I have a hard time seeing how this can work:
Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross said during a conference call Tuesday he expects to meet with offensive tackle Jonathan Martin soon.
The two originally were supposed to meet in November but the league and Martin’s lawyer quickly decided that wasn’t the correct course of action because the league was still conducting their investigation on Martin, the Dolphins workplace and fellow offensive lineman Richie Incognito following Martin allegedly being bullied by Incognito.
“I was precluded from talking to him while the investigation was going on,” Ross said, via Yahoo! Sports. “Now that we got the report, the lawyers are trying to arrange the meeting, which should take place relatively soon, I believe.”
Martin has said he wants to return to the football field next year, and he is still under contract with the Dolphins.
Martin can't set foot in the Dolphins locker room unless and until everyone and everything associated with Richie Incognito is blown out the back door with a pressure washer. And that might not be a bad thing--invalidate contracts, ask the NFL for draft or salary cap assistance, and put on a brave face in light of all the bad publicity. How is it that Ross hasn't already done this and started looking to all of the avenues available to him as far as rebuilding his team?

My question is--can Martin handle the NFL anymore?

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