Embrace The Good Will Out Cover

Where was I when this came out? I still can't remember what I was paying attention to in 1998. I was in the Army and I had some stuff going on. New music wasn't a thing for me when I was trying to figure out why the hell I had decided to screw up my life. Oh well.

Embrace are still a band, by the way. They were dropped by Hut Records when their third album tanked a bit and the reasons for that could best be summed up by the fact that the music industry was turned on its ear in the early 2000s. Who, in their right mind, would pass up the chance to put something out by a band that has had a number one album in the UK?

The Good Will Out has all of the hallmarks of a number one album. The cover is well executed, bringing darkness and a camera flare into perfect use. It echoes the swagger of the times and the need to show men walking down the street at the right time of day. It works.

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