Guitar Music is Flying Under the Radar

It's hard to disagree with Matt Helders because guitar music just isn't a dominant force in music anymore. There are guitar acts--Jack White and John Mayer among many--but they're not dominating any of the charts or commanding much attention right now. Guitar music is dying in some respects but still carrying on in others.

What encourages me is the shoegaze scene, which is almost completely under the radar right now and has thrived for years. Not enough is being done to keep these bands afloat--there's no money, there are no deals and what music they are able to put out has to be self-financed or done with limited support. People who love music are going to make it no matter what but it's going to change and evolve and turn into something that will discourage theft and commercial exploitation. I can see a time coming really soon where we go back to coveting 45 RPM vinyl singles pressed locally by bands that don't answer the phone when someone calls from a "record company."

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