Winter Driving

Several years ago, this is what happened to my Honda. I'm putting this up here because finding this old photo made my night.

Now, before anyone say anything, it was my fault. I was on the wrong street at the wrong time of morning. If the salt truck had been ahead of me and not behind me, slipping through the intersection and hitting the car in front of me probably wouldn't have happened. The cars ahead of me stopped after going down a hill (why they didn't keep going is another question) and I couldn't stop on the ice that morning. I paid for it and I still don't feel bad about it. No one was hurt, except the Honda. When they fixed it up, you couldn't tell it had been damaged.

I mention this because I've rejoined the Honda family. A certain amount of gratitude is in order because it was time to make a change in the transportation department. Let's hope this new one does not end up the same way. I love the idea of owning a Honda but, in practice, it has been a bit of a pain in the ass for me. The car pictured above was a 2009 Honda Accord, and it was a stick with cloth seats. Never again on that front.

Winter driving is a matter of judging when it is safe to be on the road and when you should go home and take a sick day. I should have taken the sick day.

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