Does a Woody Allen Film Make Money?

Outside of a few theaters and a handful of American cities, where is the audience for a Woody Allen film? They might as well go straight to DVD.

Money is a poor way to rate the value of films, however. It is entirely fruitless for Allen to chase popularity--it simply won't happen. But, when you look at his modern film history, he makes money (his films have almost no budget and big name actors work with him for peanuts) and he achieves something artistic. Never mind the fact that people don't watch his films anymore. Blue Jasmine appears to be a real hit for Allen and it bears repeating--Midnight in Paris was a pretty big film. .

And, just because, here's the kind of business Adam Sandler does:

How the hell did Grown Ups and the sequel make that much money? Taste means nothing, as you can see. And a lot of people saw You Don't Mess With the Zohan. A soul-crushingly large number of people, at that.

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