The Inadvertent Slam

Spencer Kornhaber meant to give the new Arcade Fire album a positive review; when he talks about listening to it on "portable speakers" while folding laundry, it makes for an interesting point.

When did music become so lame? When did a powerful new album by one of the most significant bands of the decade become laundry folding music? How did we get here?

Video games have replaced music in terms of generating excitement about a new release. The way people behave for a new video game--obsessively playing it over and over again, coveting the copy they have purchased, shutting down all outside distractions in order to maximize the initial experience--is how they used to greet the new Led Zeppelin album. Amazing.

The release of a new album used to mean something. You heard it all intensely, sometimes with headphones, and without distraction. Being pounded with new sounds and a new experience and introduced to music that had never been heard before was supposed to be a thrill, an experience, something to shut out the mundane.

Laundry folding music? What a classic, inadvertent put down.

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