The End of the Album Format in Music

Nobody is ever going to make another Dark Side of the Moon because no one would download the instrumental bits or put up with the interspersed commentary. If it was released today, the singles would be Time and Money and that would be about it. And so, one of the most successful albums in history would be reduced to a couple of singles in the modern format and no one would hear Us and Them.

The consumer doesn't want the album format anymore so why give it to them? It's dead and it's buried and it's time to retire it. If you have some music, put it out there and try to get paid.

Would this attitudinal change lead to more music? To the idea that performances matter more than albums? I don't know. But let's not get nostalgic and let's not blame an artist who can't sell what they used to sell because of the massive changes that have torn apart the music industry.

The other day, I sat there and wondered how to handle the several hundred vinyl albums that I still have and the thousand or so compact discs that I keep in plastic storage carriers in the basement. I have already dumped 300+ cassette tapes. What the hell do I do now?

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