HAM Radio and the Philippines

HAM radio operators are helping out in the Philippines and that's a good thing.

I am a Ham Radio Operator and as you all know we do our very best as radio communications volunteers in devastated areas and Haiyan-13 is another one we are helping with. I belong to a couple organizations but the one I work with the most is GEM (Global Emergency Communications) http://www.gem-int.org. We are in the midst of it again. What we are able to do this disaster is provide Health and Welfare information to people requesting it. If you have a loved one we are on the ground in Cebo and Manila and other areas where there is power getting messages to and from the affected area.We thank CNN for doing their part and hope we can do our part by working together. -Ray, KA1AAA

When the Internet breaks down eventually under the weight of porn and hackers, go back to your dusty old HAM radio and reconnect.

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