You Will Wait Forever

Shane Meadows knows exactly what he's talking about--he hasn't the faintest idea when the Stone Roses will put out new music. Nobody else does either.

There really is no point in putting out a new album or releasing new songs because, well, the market isn't exactly welcoming of music made by men in their 40s or 50s that would be based on things they did in their 20s. It had to be a shock when they went to Coachella and were largely ignored. The American market is all but indifferent to the idea of the Stone Roses and yet, these big American music companies keep throwing millions at them. Take the money and run.

What they should do is this--release their new stuff or experimental tracks as vinyl only, UK only as they see fit. Ignore the marketplace and put out things that they, and only they, care about.

I mean, why put something out if it's going to be stolen anyway?

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