The Current Millennium Has Sucked For Music

If Arcade Fire are slated to be the biggest band in the world, then the world has shrunk to the point where you can't even begin to say that what is going on is a "good" thing.

Audiences fracture, technology marches on, but we are still seeing the impact driven by the idea that "free" music was supposed to create more music. It did, but it's nothing you want to hear. Arcade Fire, for all of the hype, are a great "indie" or niche band but the biggest band in the world? Nope. And the same is true of Radiohead. They were never going to be something like The Who or U2 or the Police. But they were supposed to be great and find their audience. What happened?

Ironically enough, the iPod died this week. Apple isn't going to keep making new models. It's time to go back to stereo equipment, consoles, and vinyl. Arcade Fire are smart enough to put their stuff out in that format and enjoying their music will mean big rooms, big sounds, and actual speakers. The ear bud killed music, if you want to get right down to it. Delivering free songs through a cheap piece of plastic reduced the sonic quality of music down to fucking nothing.

In other words, pull that shit down and create music that explodes out of actual speakers and fills the place up with sound.

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