Social Security Is Still Screwing Up?

The government just can't do anything right, can it?

I mean, isn't that what we keep hearing, day in and day out? We keep hearing how Obamacare is a nightmare (it isn't) and that no one is being helped by the new laws (patently untrue) and that our darned government is incompetent and we might as well stop trying to help people (whatever).

Even after 73 years of delivering benefits, the Social Security Administration is having a tough time figuring out how much and when to pay people, including Veterans. Not only are they dealing with the Veteran's Administration, they're dealing with Social Security as well. There are bugs in it and there are problems figuring out who gets what. Social Security has overpaid on benefits by over a billion dollars in some estimates, and figuring out who is entitled to what requires a great deal of tweaking and improving the system.

Why are people freaking out over the ACA website? Because it is the newest red-headed stepchild?

If you hate government, good for you. Enjoy your retirement benefits and your medical coverage. I'm sure it will be a sickening nightmare for you, especially the part where you have to fill out papers and prove you're not ripping off the government. Have a nice day!

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