Rielle Hunter Opens Up About Being an Insane Homewrecker

I'm not sure why I can't bring myself to forgive and forget when it comes to John Edwards. I voted for him and I supported him and I thought that he was the best candidate to talk about poverty and the two different Americas that existed in 2008 and that exist today. We are in terrible shape in this country when it comes to having a conversation about the poor and the hungry. We accept, as gospel truth, the idea that we have to cut benefits and entitlements without, um, paying attention to the fact that we have experienced the greatest transfer of wealth to the 1% in recorded human history. Dammit, Edwards was the guy to talk about that. He failed.

Apparently, though, Rielle Hunter was crazy when she exposed Edwards and his lies. We already know what a douchebag he was for running for President while screwing around with a woman who was crazy and not his wife and what that would have done to the country. He's sorry, but still a douche. She's sorry, and has a book to sell.

Can't she and Edwards just go away and give that little girl a good life? Giving a child a good life probably means keeping your scandal-ridden carcass off of websites and out of magazines and it probably means not writing books about how insane you were when you were wrecking someone's life.

In the words of a lifelong supporter of the Democratic Party, just go the fuck away and stay there, please.

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