National Security Wonk

If you truly care about national security, why would you read the bitchy, immature Twitter stream of someone who wants to bring a Gawker-level of sophistication to something no one cares about?

I have a feeling it was read by people looking for mention of their names. Absolutely no one in this country cares about national security outside of the very small community that works on these issues. This is inside baseball stuff as if it were written by one of the three or four guys who edits the gossip page on the back of the Inside Baseball magazine (if one actually existed).

Mr. Joseph will have no trouble bringing his junior high material with him when he tries to live on what the media will pay for his services. Is there a book deal yet? Does he have a monetized blog with plenty of liability-free content? Has Buzzfeed given him an offer?

This is what happens when you encourage people who want to be someone rather than do something.

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