Lou Reed Was a Pain in the Ass on Purpose

I was not a fan of Lou Reed, and that stems from the fact that I never fell in love with the whole David Bowie/Iggy Pop/Brian Eno/Lou Reed movement that captivated the kids in the 1970s and then allowed people to spend the 1990s living in the past. It's not hard to appreciate that there was talent and artistry and integrity there--Reed had that in spades and is rightfully lauded as a revolutionary and as an artist with few peers.

While the world was held in thrall of these men, you had Neil Young, Richard Thompson, and Robert Wyatt, to name a few, who were also doing things that were interesting and influential.

But, ultimately, I didn't get into it, probably never will, and I have noted that a lot of people somehow loved Reed without really acknowledging that he was a fogged-up pain in the ass for the majority of his life, often on purpose and in the presence of fanboys who loved him and wanted to record his every difficult rejoinder.

If someone was a pain in the ass, celebrate that in their demise.

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