Would You Pay Someone to Drive You Over a Bridge?

I have driven over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge at least three or four times, which is not a lot, but I don't remember being "afraid" of it. I think it was more annoying than anything because I couldn't look and see the sights.

This surprised me:
Millions of Americans will be on the road heading back from the beach on the Labor Day holiday, which marks the end of summer in the US. 
For those in the state of Maryland, that journey may involve driving across the long and notoriously nerve-racking Chesapeake Bay Bridge, ranked as one of the scariest in the world to cross. 
The trip is too much for some motorists, who pay someone else to drive them and their cars across the water.
My first reaction to this story was, someone is trolling the BBC. Then, it hit me that there are other legitimate niche markets for this kind of thing, so why the hell not?

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