Wait Til the Money Comes Rolling In

The Gallagher Brothers get a lot of bad press. What people don't realize is that they were in a band together for about 18 years. There are whole entire bands without siblings in them that don't last a third of that long and that break up for trivial reasons that cannot be explained. The sisters in Haim should hope for the chance to end up where the Gallagher brothers ended up. They were at the top of their game and they were making a lot of money when it all ended. Many believe this is the temporary period that will lead to a massive resurrection of the band. Who knows?

I don't know anything about Haim, but I do know this: when there's serious money flowing in, and when it is time to go do something else, they probably won't survive the shock that will run through a band that can't function anymore. It could be a tight, seamless three piece or it could be a rambling 7 member collective. It could be anyone, and when it's over, it will certainly be over, no matter what.

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