Time to Dangle

If Robert Benmosche is that stupid, then perhaps he really is a symptom of what really ails the world economy and our elites as a whole. They are ignorant of history, incompetent at what they do, and they don't know anything about how the world really works.

One person's persecution complex is another person's day to day existence. If this poor man had to live like a person who is truly in danger or being hung for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, imagine how he would feel about being culpable for the misery of millions. He'd probably hang himself if he understood how many lives he and his fellow elitists chose to ruin so they could grab more of the economic pie for themselves. He would not need to be hung by anyone for that to be driven home. What sustains this world is that the knowledge and compassion and creativity of the people far below him on the economic ladder creates a world worth living in where the act of lynching would not be considered justice for such a thief. He belongs in prison with all the rest of this criminal cohorts, but treated humanely, of course.

Our media and our government allow people like this to exist and thrive without conscience.

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