The Jeremiah Program

Someone needs to pay attention to the success that The Jeremiah Program is having when it comes to lifting people out of intergenerational poverty:
The Jeremiah Program opened its doors near the Basilica of Saint Mary’s in 1998, when 18 families moved into its apartments. Over the years, it developed a model for combating intergenerational poverty that has won national recognition. The nonprofit has received calls for years from leaders in other cities, wanting to learn the magic formula. 
That formula includes safe, affordable housing for the family; quality early education for the kids; “life skills” training and a career track college education for mom — all linked to businesses, volunteers and the broader community to support the families along the way. 
A Wilder Foundation analysis of the model released this year showed that for every dollar invested in the program, there was a $4 return. Those savings took the form of less reliance on public assistance, increased taxes paid by the parents, and lower spending on special education and other services for their children.

They're adopting this program in Austin, Texas. Look for Governor Rick Perry to try to destroy it before it gets off the ground. If there's one thing a Republican hates, it is proof that the problem of poverty can be solved by using common sense and government money.

The formula of this project uses common sense and, to be honest with you, it flies in the fact of practically everything we are told about poverty. This strategy does not abandon people or relegate them to criminal status simply by being poor. It uses dignity and instruction to move people from one place to another.

How long before Nick Gillespie's outfit derides this as another boondoggle? How long before we see the Breitbart Kidz with hidden video of a pimp trying to get into an apartment?

Success breeds the kind of hate that has to be reckoned with. If you're going to successfully move people out of poverty, you have to be ready for the blowback.

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