The End of the Casanova

The economic realities of Europe are filtering down into the moral practices of men. This article from the BBC Magazine details how Italian males are being forced to drop the practice of maintaining a mistress in conjunction with the wife and family that is supposed to balance their "Casanova" lifestyle.

I get what this means for businessmen, but what about artists? What about that sliver of the population that engages in artistic pursuits and lives a broader and less moral lifestyle? What of the painters and musicians and writers who are not going to be maintaining a kept woman in a manner in which they are more accustomed?

The spread of austerity has meant that Italian men are not going to keep their mistresses in separate and lucrative lives. The Casanova industry will likely collapse, driving people to desperation and shame. We may well see family values take hold. Or we might see a more creative version of douchebaggery that will inspire men the world over to be more clever about keeping their secret lives going and hidden away.

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